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viernes, octubre 19, 2007

Human network

You should see this video, because it will explain to you everything you need to know about the world you live in. These facts influence the training and development process in enterprises and organizations. The people with common interests can connect with each other faster.

Books, magazines, traditional courses and traditional teachers are not the only ways to learn and to share knowledge, human network is in between us for to show us which is the new path for learning business language. "People subscribe to people". The people can make their networks with the shape that they want it. The internet helps the people who knowhow to handle the social web. Whatever you want to go or to find, you can make it.

To go beyond is the challenge... the place where you want to be, is around the corner. It's in you. Welcome to the human network, discover it for yourself!

I really would like to hear your comments, please leave your opinion.



  • All what i think is if you have all the possible technology on your can do many things as possible and you can grow up immediately...if you want to.

    I know people with many experience and you ask them for some help...and don´t tell you absolutely nothing about it...

    that´s why we´re low in knowledge, technology and many, many things we must have as persons educated.

    All people in video i think... they have all the possibilities to get the tech.

    I mean... poor people haven´t and the gobernment doesn´t want they grow up in knowledge because his power or other way to have them without advance.

    This is real...but some day we´ll
    be free to reach it.

    this is a poor opinion supporting poor people.

    any comment write me in english or spanish or send me more videos about your experience in education:
    or in any special hability that you have, because i want to help others: (the last letter is L)

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 5:40 a. m.  

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