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jueves, noviembre 01, 2007

Internships Programs

The purpose of this article is to talk about Internships Programs, what are they, which are the opportunities for students, professional and organizations, which industries are carrying out these programs, and further information regarding contacts, enterprises, etc.

Internships programs (IP) are special options for training and developing people who are finishing their undergraduate or graduate degree at university. Organizations of all kind of sectors of the economy offers job options for students and different scheme of practice. The purpose of the IP is learning and developing job goals, which graduates can use in the future to get into a new organization or join a current employer. The IP helps you to gain advantages in your professional career and achieve your technical and management goals, because you can to live a real work experience.

One of the ideas of a IP consists in discovering your role in a company. You can figure out what are your real intentions, what drives your career. In the moment when you graduate you have a framework that you should test with different roles and positions. You should develop some skills in management, technical approach in your area, specialized knowledge and gain job practice. The IP is an important option to add to your CV an important experience in a great company.

Generally, all programs are designed with three fundamentals courses. First of all, the induction course about the business in that company, the structure in the business, the objectives and what they expect from their employees and stakeholders. Second, the company expects you to have a business project with a description about your purposes or main ideas. Third, most companies have a special training program regarding the business that they carry out, because it is possible that they hire you for a position at the end of the internship, over all if you are in the last year of your degree.

The main industries that offer IP are financial and energy companies, because they have an organizational chart that allow to you, to experiment your university’s knowhow at work. They also have a variety of modalities of IP that suit your needs, such as: undergraduate, graduate, summer work- placement, etc. You only have to choose which is more convenient for you. Besides they can give you a manager or mentor in the organization, to organize your learning, activities and future network.

The advantages of companies that offer IP, is recruiting new brains for different areas of the organization, making relations with universities and new knowledge and connecting the classroom with the office. I’m interesting in with knowledge management, networking and social responsibility. These are subjects that I will explore in another article, although I must highlight the importance that each of these subjects has for the development of enterprises and the development of IP.

Finally, If I were you after reading these lines, I would visit the webpages of banks, energy companies and search by google “work- placement” or “internship program”. Perhaps you could find an important article that would fit into your career and your plans. You could also, check the social- job webpages, like “linked in” for example, or job quest, because they have tools to search for advices, places and general information regarding Internships Programs.

See you the next Monday, to live a new experience in a great company. Enroll now!

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