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miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007

Best Business Books

US News & World reports tell us that each year the printers publish many business books, but we get very little information and guidence on what the best book is, which book exactly to look for, or what are the essential books for our business library.

In this article you can find the suggestions made by fourteen leaders of the business world in the United States, about what books make a difference in their professional careers.

Check this information out at and leave your comments regarding books, reviews or webpage in the biz world!

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  • Hi there. Thank you Tomas. It was a very good one to give us this management gift about managements books. Now, turnig back to latinamerica, I think it would be interesting to have the best latinamerican management books written by latinamericans.
    Here are my first two: IESA´s books ( Venezuelan Management and Innovation: The art of creating the future by Luigi Valdés (

    Pablo Lira
    Innovargh Foundation

    By Anonymous Pablo Lira, at 9:35 p. m.  

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